Evelien from Reppin Podcast
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Evelien from Reppin Podcast

Join Podcast Father on his journey as the Indie Podcaster. Episode #23 Creator Spotlight: Evelien from Reppin Podcast.

Short bio on Evelien:

Producer and Director by day, Evelien founded Reppin’ with 25+ years of experience and a myriad of credits that range from producing award winning documentaries with MTV, crafting digital content with Law and Order SVU, Blindspot, to producing new media content for films like Primal Fear, Ice Age to working with Fortune 500 companies like Ernst and Young and Morgan Stanley.

Jeff (Podcast Father) and Evelien discuss various things; her past, why & how it inspired her to be the person that she's today. Her Podcast is discussed in detail and how it connects with how Evelien lives her life.

Reppin is a Podcast outlet where real, thought-provoking conversations happen. We’re here to discuss ALL things representation, going beyond race, gender and orientation—and it’s also about personal representation—who are you? What do you represent?

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