Jack Rhysider from Darknet Diaries
Indie PodcasterJanuary 20, 2022x
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Jack Rhysider from Darknet Diaries

Join Jeff, aka Podcast Father on his journey as the Indie Podcaster. Episode #41 Creator Spotlight: Jack Rhysider from Darknet Diaries.

Darknet Diaries: True stories from the dark side of the Internet

Jack created this podcast in 2018, has built a large audience, and is able to do this full time.

Jeff and Jack discuss various things; why and how he started the podcast and people/podcasts that influenced him, and the challenges and success he has had as a content creator.

Other podcasting things discussed:

The importance in good story telling on your podcast.

Building and engaging with the audience/community.

Content over equipment when you start podcasting.

Early marketing strategies for a podcaster.

Opinions and advice on monetization, Apple Podcasts subscriptions, and Patreon.

This episode is a treasure chest full of great information for content creators!

Thanks for listening and thanks for telling a friend! More importantly, thank you for supporting independent creators.

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