Pixie from Next on Stage One Podcast
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Pixie from Next on Stage One Podcast

Join Jeff, aka Podcast Father on his journey as the Indie Podcaster. Episode #42 Creator Spotlight: Pixie from Next on Stage One and Project Podcast with Pixie.

Next on Stage One Podcast description:

Fold your dollars, grab a beer and make your way to the stage. Experience Denver nightlife with the graveyard staff of the adult entertainment industry. Ex-dancers Pixie and Mister J analyze the Ins/Outs, and social nightlife of being a stripper in Denver, Co. Relive the memories, join the commentary, Next on Stage One. The spicy stripper podcast!

Pixie and Mister J created this podcast in the fall of 2020, with over 40 years of combined experience they share real stories and talk with real people that work in the adult entertainment industry.

During this episode Jeff and Pixie discuss various things; why Pixie got into the line of work, the challenges she faced, and how she used her life experiences for the better to make her the person she is today.

They also discuss Pixie's new creation- Project Podcast with Pixie. She created a community for this using Twitter Spaces, where she and the participants learn more about podcasting by discussing various topics each week.

Thanks for listening and thanks for telling a friend! More importantly, thank you for supporting independent creators.

Take the time and give Next On Stage One a listen!

Check out the work Pixie is doing with Project Podcast with Pixie.

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