Podcast Garage conversation with Marc from Podtrics
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Podcast Garage conversation with Marc from Podtrics

Join Jeff, aka Podcast Father on his journey as the Indie Podcaster. Episode #44 Creator Spotlight: Bonus episode, pilot episode of our new project: Podcast Garage. *See Podcast Garage podcast summary below*

Jeff, Tanner and Greg talk to Marc Beinder, creator of the new podcasting hosting platform: Podtrics. They talk about Marc's new business venture and share advice.

Support Marc and the work he's doing at Podtrics. He's offering free podcast hosting up to a year for listeners of this podcast, email him at marc@podtrics.com.

If you would like to help him financially and still recent a discount, use the code PODFATHER to receive 20% off your first year.

*Podcast Garage is a podcast that gives you the help you have been asking for with your podcast. Jeff, aka Podcast Father from Indie Podcaster, Tanner Campbell from Podcasting Sucks!, and Greg from Indie Drop-In, review your podcast, answer your specific questions, and give you the advice to get your podcast to the next level.

Give the show a follow to improve your storytelling, sound design, target audience, niche, marketing, and more. If you are a podcaster with an open mind and a desire to improve, bring your Podcast to the Garage, for us to take a look at it.

Find the hosts at:

Jeff, aka Podcast Father


- https://podcastfather.com

Tanner Campbell


- https://podcastingsucks.com



- https://indiedropin.com/creators

Podcast Father (Jeff's) website.

All music credited to artist Yung Kartz, check out the site here.

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