Pysma App conversation, Tanner Cambell's new creation
Indie PodcasterJanuary 17, 2022x
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Pysma App conversation, Tanner Cambell's new creation

Join Jeff, aka Podcast Father on his journey as the Indie Podcaster. Bonus Episode #40: a conversation with Tanner Cambell about the app he created to help content creators: Pysma App.

Tanner Cambell statement on the creation of the app:

I created Pysma to disrupt and democratize the online learning industry. I'm tired of seeing important, necessary information and training stuffed behind paywalls and expensive courses taught by individuals with few, if any, credentials and provided with no guarantees. New creators with modest or non-existent budgets should have access to expert-lead, no-bullshit training so they can get as great a head-start as those with larger budgets or better connections. New creators already have to learn a lot, and Pysma is working to make sure a lack of money doesn't get in the way of them doing so.

Jeff and Tanner discuss all things Pysma App: why he created it, the need for it, and his mission.

Tanner answers any and all questions Jeff asks.

Thanks for listening and thanks for telling a friend! More importantly, thank you for supporting independent creators.

Content creators, make sure you download and use the Pysma App!

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