Ralph Haenel shares his "spooky" stories for Halloween
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Ralph Haenel shares his "spooky" stories for Halloween

Happy Halloween! Here is some extra ad free content!

Jeff aka Podcast Father chats with Ralph Haenel who shares some "spooky" experiences he has encountered.

The following information is being shared to highlight Ralph's other work and encourage you to check it out--

Short Ralph bio:

German-born self-defense expert, author publisher; learning & teaching Wing Tsun Kung Fu since 1984. General Matheus in QUANTUM SHOCK, the sci-fi action movie. Arrested & interrogated by the Stasi.

Check out Ralph's Wing Tsun Kung Fu work.

Check out Cold War Conversation Podcast & listen to the 3 part episodes where Ralph shares his stories.

Episode 177 (part 1) show notes: Ralph Hänel tells some unique, strange and funny short stories about childhood and youth in East Germany. 

We talk about the experiences of his parents in the closing stages of World War 2, his schooling, and how he became a DJ, winning a trip to the Soviet Union.

Ralph is a great raconteur with virtually endless stories about his life in East Germany. Hear how he saw Fidel Castro, met the first German astronaut in space and had a girlfriend, whose father was in the people’s police or was it the Stasi...?

Ralph had a passion for martial arts, but in East Germany that wasn’t easy to pursue. Listen as Ralph tells how he found secret clubs and smuggled books into the country. 

However, his interest in martial arts brought him under suspicion and don’t miss subsequent episodes where Ralph’s life takes a turn for the worst when he is arrested by the Stasi and sentenced to 3 and half years in prison.

Give the episodes a listen to learn/hear more!

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