Sarah Turney from Voices for Justice Podcast
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Sarah Turney from Voices for Justice Podcast

Join Podcast Father on his journey as the Indie Podcaster. Episode #24 Creator Spotlight: Sarah Turney from Voices for Justice Podcast.

Sarah created this podcast as a way to reach and inform people about her missing sister Alissa.

Season One explores the story of Sarah's sister, missing teen, Alissa Turney. In 2020, an arrest was made in Alissa's case. Season Two focuses on current missing person cases in need of justice.

Jeff (Podcast Father) and Sarah discuss various things; some personal things from her past and why she started the podcast. They also talk about how big of a part of her life the podcast is, not only because it's very personal to her sister's case, but it gives her the ability to help others. Sarah also shares advice for content creators.

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