Stacey Simms from She Podcasts & Diabetes Connections
Indie PodcasterOctober 13, 2021x
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Stacey Simms from She Podcasts & Diabetes Connections

Join Podcast Father on his journey as the Indie Podcaster. Episode #25 Creator Spotlight: Stacey Simms from She Podcasts & Diabetes Connections.

Stacey is in involved with She Podcasts; their vision is to support and nurture as many female-lead podcasts as possible, and to encourage knowledge sharing.

Stacey created Diabetes Connections Podcast to share knowledge she gained raising her son who has Type 1 Diabetes. By doing this she has been able to build an amazing community.

Jeff (Podcast Father) and Stacey discuss various things; her involvement with She Podcasts, how important women (herself included) are to podcasting/broadcasting. They discuss her broadcasting/podcasting journey and how personal events in her life lead to her creating the Diabetes Connections Podcast. She also talks about how she built a community with this podcast, and shares advice for content creators.

Thanks for listening and thanks for telling a friend! More importantly, thank you for supporting independent creators.

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